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International Foundation Programme
Guaranteed Entry into Universities Upon Completion

International Foundation Programme

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) is a level 3 recognized program that lasts 6-9 months and is designed for students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree. It serves as a bridge between a student's existing qualifications and the requirements for university studies in English-speaking countries. WeBridge Academy offers two study routes:
  • The WE Bridge Academy route – After completing the course successfully, students have the option to continue their studies at one of WE Bridge Academy's partner universities.
  • The NCC Education route – Originally initiated by the British Government in 1966, NCC Education is a UK-based institution with a global presence. It has a network of over 200 partner centres in more than 50 countries and provides pathways to over 70 universities worldwide.

Key Dates

2024 Session
9 month programme
18 September 2024
6 month Intensive programme
08 January 2025
A November start date might also be an option if there are enough students for a class.

Guaranteed University Entry Partners

If a student opts to undertake the online International Foundation Programme at the We Bridge institution through the Uscholars Study Abroad partnership route and successfully completes the program with the required qualifications, they are guaranteed admission to partner universities for their undergraduate studies. These universities include:

Who Can Enroll In Foundation Progamme?

The International Foundation Program is mainly for students who don't speak English as their first language and want to study for a bachelor's degree in an English-speaking foreign country. However, there are specific rules for who can join:
  • Students who wish to pursue a bachelor's degree but lack A-level or similar qualifications needed for eligibility.
  • Students who want a program to enhance their knowledge, skills, and confidence for university studies.
  • Those seeking an excellent alternative to A2 levels and a guaranteed university entry program.
  • Students wanting exclusive access to global universities can broaden their options by choosing NCC accredited exams.

When is the right time to do the Foundation Programme?

There are various reasons why a student might consider enrolling in the International Foundation Programme:

  • To bridge the gap between their high school education in their home country and the academic requirements of foreign universities.
  • For students whose first language isn't English, it can help them improve their English speaking skills and meet the academic standards of universities.
  • To advance to a WE Bridge Academy partner university that offers guaranteed progression upon successfully finishing the course and meeting the admission criteria.
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Benefits of the International Foundation Programme

The International Foundation Programme at WeBridge offers numerous advantages for students. These programs provide a unique opportunity for global learning, making the transition to university life smoother, improving language skills, and offering a straightforward path to university admission.
Assured University Entry
Successfully completing the International Foundation Programme at WeBridge Institute guarantees admission to a specific degree and institution. This simplifies the entire admission process and ensures a stable pathway to higher education.
Enhanced Language Proficiency
One of the primary goals of the International Foundation Programme is to enhance students' language skills, as many IFP courses include language components. Proficiency in language is valuable for future academic and career opportunities.
Improved Academic Preparedness
These programs help students bridge the educational gap and ease the transition to higher education by providing necessary academic and language support.
Remote Learning
WeBridge offers remote learning for IFP students, allowing them to stay with their families for an extra year. The remote IFP course can be completed during students' free hours, with flexible study options requiring only 10 hours per week.

International Foundation Programme Structure and Courses

The WeBridge Institute's International Foundation Programme (IFP) consists of 6 core modules and 2 additional modules based on your chosen path. These components have similar features but are tailored to help you excel in your preferred field of study.

The 6 essential IFP modules at WeBridge are:
  1. Developing English Language Skills
  2. Advanced English Language Skills
  3. Study and Communication Skills
  4. Culture Studies
  5. English for Academic Purposes
  6. Foundation Mathematics
The remote International Foundation Programme includes 6 core subjects and 2 pathway subjects associated with areas like Business, Accounting and Economics, Computer Science, Programming, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
The duration of the International Foundation Programme can be 6-9 months. The 9 month intensive programme starts in September whereas the 6 month programme starts in January.
At WeBridge's remote IFP course, students can choose modules tailored to their desired majors. These modules cover subjects related to their intended field of study. For example, if a student plans to major in business, their modules will encompass economics, mathematics, and business studies.
At the end of the program, assessments for the remote IFP are carried out through assignments and exams. These assessments are internally assessed and then reviewed by the WeBridge Academy. For the NCC route, some assessments are internally assessed and then reviewed by NCC Education.

Entry Requirements

Typically, for the remote International Foundation Programme at WeBridge, students need to have completed their secondary education or possess equivalent qualifications. While language proficiency tests like IELTS are not mandatory, a good grasp of English and effective listening and communication skills are important. In cases where students don't hold a formal English certificate, We Bridge Academy may conduct their own language assessment. Some IFP programs may have additional prerequisites based on the chosen degree or study path. International students opting for the in-person IFP option may also need to meet minimum age and visa-related requirements.

The Fee Structure for International Foundation Programme

The cost structure for the remote International Foundation Programme is £5999, which covers registration and course fees. The fee structure for the IFP may encompasses tuition fees, application fees, materials, and textbooks. An additional fee applies to students who opt to take the NCC exams at the program's conclusion. For any students interested in visiting the UK for face-to-face studies in Cardiff for 4-8 weeks, this option is available as part of the International Foundation Programme. However, flights and accommodation are not included and would be an additional cost. 

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Certificate of International Foundation Programme

The International Foundation Programme's certificate is a confirmation that the student has completed the course successfully and met the specific language and academic requirements necessary to enter one of our partner universities or a degree program. This certificate, recognized at level 3, not only demonstrates the student's dedication to academic excellence but also serves as a gateway to further educational opportunities, marking a significant achievement in their academic journey.

Study Plan

Foundation Certificate
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

What Does Guaranteed Entry Mean?

In the context of International Foundation Programmes, guaranteed entry means that if a student successfully completes the IFP course at We Bridge and meets the required criteria, they will be granted admission into the desired undergraduate degree program without the need to go through the usual competitive admission process. This is advantageous for students as it simplifies the entire admission process while also providing various academic benefits offered by the IFP course.

4 Steps To University

First, students should think about their academic interests and career goals in order to select a program that matches their future degree aspirations. They should then review the entry requirements for the IFP, including academic qualifications and English language proficiency levels.
Next, they should complete the application process according to the institution's guidelines. This typically involves submitting an online application form, academic records, a personal statement, and reference letters. After submitting the application, students should wait for a response from the institution.
During the remote IFP course, students must stay dedicated to their studies and actively participate in virtual discussions. They should also reach out to instructors or tutors if they need assistance.
Once students have successfully passed their assessments with the required scores and meet the university's admission criteria, they will be prepared to transition into their chosen degree program.

International Foundation Programme Progression

WeBridge Academy is expanding its offerings for students recruited by Uscholars Study Abroad. This extension means that the International Foundation Programme is now accessible remotely, providing students with even more flexibility and convenience as they pursue higher education.

What Progression Degree Subject Areas are Available?

The International Foundation Programme offers various progression options in degree subjects, with the most popular ones being:




Science & Healthcare

The remote International Foundation Programme provides four pathways for progressing to an undergraduate course:
  • Engineering Pathway  
  • Business Pathway  
  • Computing Pathway  
  • Healthcare Science Pathway  
Regardless of the chosen pathway, all students are required to complete six core modules, including: 
  • Developing English Language Skills  
  • Advanced English Language Skills  
  • English for Academic Purposes  
  • Culture Studies  
  • Study and Communication Skills  
  • Foundation Maths 
In addition to these six core modules, students have the option to choose two elective modules based on their selected pathway. These elective modules are as follows: 
  • Engineering Pathway: Further Mathematics and Physics  
  • Business Pathway: Introduction to Business and Introduction to Accounting and Economics 
  • Computing Pathway: Introduction to Computer Science and Introduction to Programming  
  • Healthcare Science Pathway: Biology and Chemistry  


No, depending on the course, students can progress directly to Uscholars WeBridge-affiliated universities without requiring IELTS.
At WeBridge Academy, our International Foundation Programme not only offers online courses but also provides in-person classes. Furthermore, students can choose hybrid options, allowing them to spend 1-2 months in Cardiff for a mix of online and in-person learning.
While it's not mandatory, having a good level of English proficiency is essential for participating in the International Foundation Programme, enabling you to listen and engage effectively. If a student doesn't possess a formal English certificate, we will assess their suitability internally, and We Bridge Academy may conduct its own language test.

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