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About Us
About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Uscholars, where our passion for education and the pursuit of knowledge has shaped and resulted into a remarkable journey. Our story began with a very simple yet inspiring vision: to open up the route of international education for the students all across the world.

Since its inception in 2018, Uscholars has helped countless students to achieve their dream of studying abroad. Our founders saw the need to bridge the gap between students and their dream of studying in a foreign country. Over the years, Uscholars has grown into a trusted name in the industry. With a dedicated team and a network of renowned partner institutions worldwide, we are here to guide and support you on your journey that leads towards success.

Our Mission

At Uscholars our mission is to make international education accessible to each and every child. By connecting students with top-tier educational institutions across borders, we strive to make the process of studying abroad seamless and transformational. Through our unwavering commitment to fostering global understanding of academic excellence, we aim to help students broaden their perspectives, enhance their skills and become well rounded individuals prepared to make a positive impact on a global scale. Our mission is to inspire a new generation of thinkers, leaders and innovators who are equipped to tackle the challenges of an interconnected world.

Our Progress

Since our inception, Scholars has proudly assisted students in achieving their dream of studying abroad. Our progress towards success is a testament to our dedication and expertise. 

18,000 +


We support dreams globally and have helped more than 18,000 students pursue their aspirations of studying abroad by guiding them in the direction of academic excellence and global opportunities.

500 +

University Partners

We proudly collaborate with 500+ prestigious universities, giving you a wide selection of top notch institutions to choose from that will support your academic goals.

1 Million +

Counselling sessions

Our experienced education counsellors have held more than a million counselling sessions and offer individual guidance to help you plan your study abroad experience.

50 Lakh +

Monthly Users

With a community of more than 50 lakh users per month. Our platform has established itself as a reliable source for prospective foreign students all around the world, introducing them to opportunities for a global education.

Our Values

At Uscholars we are committed to providing transparent guidance, understanding the unique needs of each students and continuously enhancing our services to meet the ever changing landscape of international education.

Excellence in Education

By directing students towards great learning opportunities, we are committed to advancing educational quality. Our dedication to academic excellence motivates us to collaborate with renowned colleges and provide knowledgeable advice for students looking for high-quality education anywhere in the world.

Empowering Aspirations

At Uscholars, we support aspirations that are empowered. Our purpose is to motivate and support students in reaching their academic professional goals. To assist in making goals come true, we offer individualised counselling sessions, scholarship options, and a through university database.

Global Community

We cultivate a thriving international community of students, instructors and universities by embracing diversity and inclusivity. Our platform acts as a melting pot for ideas and cultures, fostering a stimulating environment in which students can flourish.

Integrity and Ethics

Our strategy is based on upholding integrity and ethics. Throughout their study abroad experience, we make sure students receive honest and trustworthy guidance from our staff, who operate with the utmost transparency.

Innovation and Adaptability

We value innovation and agility to maintain our leadership in the ever changing educational scene. Our platform is always developing to meet the shifting demands of students and offer the most pertinent materials.

Student-Centric Focus

Our guiding principle is to put students first. The success and welfare of our kids inform every choice we make. The success we attain is ultimately determined by their contentment.

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